Attend a SITES speakers online training session on January 13

Published on: 
14 Dec 2016
Sarah Buente

Interested in gaining experience speaking about and presenting on SITES? GBCI has you covered—register for our upcoming SITES speakers training session for a deeper understanding of how to present the basic concepts of SITES to diverse audiences.

This call-in meeting will prepare attendees to serve as ambassadors of the SITES v2 rating system and its associated products.

SITES Speakers Training Session
Friday, Jan. 13, 2017 from 2–4 p.m. EST

Join the call.

GBCI staff will describe best practices for presenting on SITES, run through a standard presentation, facilitate a discussion on commonly asked questions and provide an overview of how practitioners should build the business case for SITES with their clients.

It will also cover information on how the Sustainable SITES Initiative has evolved from pilot to version 2, highlight the first set of projects certified under v2 of the rating system and outline plans for the future development of the SITES program.

Individuals who participate in this training will be able to download a standard presentation to use at their discretion. Those who take and pass the SITES AP exam will have the option to become official speakers on SITES, at which time GBCI would refer them for future presentation opportunities.

Register for the SITES Speakers Training Session


Hoping to gain information before the Navy's (NAVFAC) bi-annual meeting in April. I need to prepare a discussion on SITES to the Navy LAs.

I´m also ILFI ambassador, LEED GA, WELL AP and edge auditor, so I always try to show the option of certifications on the market to encourage my customers to follow a certification on the building concept.

I am a LEED AP (BD+C,O+M) and want to learn more about SITES certification and I am very interested in it

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