Brent Elementary Schoolyard Greening

Washington, DC
United States
Project Size: 
1.5 acres
Project type: 
Institutional / Educational
Site Context: 
Former Land Use: 
Terrestrial Biome: 
Temperate Broadleaf & Mixed Forests
Project overview: 

The Brent Elementary School campus has been transformed into a model learning environment for students, teachers, and parents. Located on Capitol Hill, major improvements between 2006 and 2012 on the 1.5 acre site were designed and built with the following goals:

  • Improved safety for students, teachers, parents, and neighbors
  • Creating new learning opportunities to meet curriculum standards through out-of-classroom experiences
  • Increased student health by creating better spaces for physical fitness, cleaning the air with new plantings, and providing shade from sun exposure with trees
  • Enhanced environmental performance through the restoration of native plant and animal habitats and effective storm water management

Specific achievements included the removal of 1,600 square feet of asphalt and the installation of a raingarden, 7,000 square feet of outdoor classrooms, new entrance walkways and seatwalls, new play equipment, 10,000 square feet of safety surfacing and the creation of an urban canyon trail.

photo by Michael Lucy, Sustainable Life Designs