Burbank Water and Power - Ecocampus

Burbank, CA
United States
Project Size: 
3.2 acres
Project type: 
Site Context: 
Former Land Use: 
Terrestrial Biome: 
Mediterranean Forests, Woodlands & Scrub
Project overview: 

The Burbank Water and Power (BWP) EcoCampus project transforms the utility company's Magnolia Power Plant site from an industrial complex into a regenerative green campus. The campus features one of the longest green streets in Southern California. The Lake Street Green Street showcases products and techniques for stormwater treatment within a public right-of-way, including permeable pavers, manufactured bio-filters, filtration planters, Silva cells, and planted infiltration planter bulb-outs. Other sustainable features on the campus include three vegetated green roofs, a photovoltaic array that hosts a rainwater catchment system, a canal that uses plants to treat storm water, LED lighting, a solar powered fountain pump, and salvaged and repurposed concrete and gravel. The project has also implemented five different water filtration technologies, including infiltration, flow-through, detention, tree root cells, and rainwater capture. The hallmark of the new campus is the Centennial Courtyard, a green space within the footprint of a decommissioned electrical substation. Part of the industrial structure still stands, acting as a giant super trellis and creating a poignant juxtaposition of industry and nature.

photo by: Heliphoto-135