Cleveland's Public Garden: Modeling Sustainability in the Rustbelt

Cleveland, OH
United States
Project Size: 
10 acres
Project type: 
Open Space- Garden
Site Context: 
Former Land Use: 
Terrestrial Biome: 
Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Project overview: 

Cleveland’s Public Garden: Modeling Sustainability in the Rustbelt demonstrates best conservation practices on both the institutional and residential scales for Cleveland Botanical Garden’s 140,000 annual visitors, its health care, education and cultural institution neighbors, and the 1.5 million people that pass by this urban landmark each year. Six acres of outdoor display gardens and grounds are visible to the public. By applying sustainable landscaping techniques, and by modifying existing building operations using green practices, the Garden shows the public how to integrate them into their own yards and facilities.

Cleveland Botanical Garden is where this SITES project, "Cleveland's Public Garden" is located. On this map, this makes up numbers 5 and 11 (the Woodland Garden and the Inspiration Gardens).

photo by: Cynthia Druckenbrod